How to Subscribe & Buy WEC during the limited sale


Terms & Conditions for buying WEC during the Limited sale

Since only 1% of WEC tokens will be available for the Limited sale, and the price has been kept very low; the sale will be limited only to the whitelisted community members. To be eligible to buy WEC during the Limited sale, one must subscribe and get their wallet address whitelisted. 10 lucky private sale subscribers will also get a chance to win additional $5000 worth WEC tokens. Please note that the above mentioned tasks should be completed by you to be eligible for the private sale.

Subscribe and Whitelist

Steps to buy WEC using crypto during the Limited sale

Since the main audience of WEC are novice cryptocurrency users, we have ensured that our ‘How to buy’ instructions are very detailed and self-explanatory. Those of you, who are experienced cryptocurrency buyers or holders, can skip the basic steps, and go directly to the final step.

The minimum buy commitment of WEC during the limited sale is 100 USDT. Once the allocated coins are sold out, the limited sale will automatically end.

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    Download Trust Wallet

    Download the Trust wallet app on Android/iOS

    Once downloaded, create an account

    The recovery/seed phrase is very important, save it in a secure place

    Never share your recovery phrase with anyone

    By default few coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. will be added

    Click on top right - search tokens

    Scroll to bottom, you'll find an option 'Add Custom Token'

    In add Custom token, select the network - 'Smart Chain'

    Copy and paste this contract address - 0xdB9A19B861C03a2FffbA4D6C25C3073c7ec5C5Cc

    Name - Women Empowerment Coin (auto-filled)

    Symbol - WEC (auto-filled)

    Decimals - 9 (auto-filled)

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    Register on Binance

    Registration on Binance is completely free

    Click here to register

    Once the registration is complete, download the Binance Android/iOS app

    Login to your account from the mobile app

    Submit your ID proof and complete the verification process

    Use P2P or Credt/Debit card to purchase USDT

    Once you buy, the USDT will be sent to your 'Funding Wallet'

    Go to the 'Funding Wallet' and transfer the USDT to your 'Spot Wallet'

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    Transfer Funds

    Now open your 'Spot Wallet', and click on USDT

    Withdraw USDT page will appear

    In the address box, paste this address 0xDD5F0b9317BC88fAb72B7408B55E1e5C4C4903A1

    In the network box, select Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), and confirm

    In the amount box, type 100 or click on 'Max'

    The minimum buy commitment of WEC during the private sale is 100 USDT, so ensure that you are transferring a minimum of 100 USDT

    There will be a network fee of 0.8 USDT applicable, it'll be deducted automatically

    Click on withdrawal, and follow the verification process as guided by Binance app

    Once sucessfully done, go to your spot wallet, on the top right you'll find transaction history button, click on it

    Select 'Withdrawal', you should find USDT there, click on it

    You'll find the withdrawal details there, copy the transaction id/hash

    Click on 'Claim WEC Tokens' button below; fill the form and submit it

Please double check that the withdrawal address is the same as mentioned in the steps above. If you transfer USDT to an incorrect address, we will not be able to help you. Also note that the contract address is different from withdrawal address. Never send any funds to the contract address, they will be lost. Once the USDT is successfully transferred and the transaction is verified from our end, WEC tokens will be released to your trust wallet within 24 hours.

We have done our best to provide a detailed step-by-step instructions, but if you still have any queries, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us on WEC official telegram support account - wec_official

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